Senior Living Maintenance in NJ

Did you know there are currently over 200 Senior Living Communities in New Jersey? As a trusted facilities maintenance provider to several different operators, Donand Construction Corp. understands the need for projects to be completed quickly, properly, and cost effectively. We are also able to store materials for routine jobs in our warehouse which allows for bulk orders in turn, cutting down on shipping and transportation fees.

Moving to an unfamiliar place can be intimidating. Donand Construction Corp. works hand in hand with operators to make this transition easy by offering fresh new dwellings. We are able to make each senior living unit extra appealing by replacing flooring, applying a crisp new coat of paint, and making sure windows and doors are in safe and working order.

Our team punctually completed over 100 senior living apartment turnover renovations in New Jersey and has perfected an efficient work system with minimal disruption to tenants and daily operations. We understand the needs of these unit communities and strive to keep the flow of day to day running smoothly. Donand Construction Corp. is able to work around the best schedule for the community while focusing on safety and keeping work areas clean.

This year, commercial construction companies have taken a major interest in updating senior living accommodations. Over 55 communities have stepped up their amenities by updating technology and making common spaces more modern and inviting. Donand Construction Corp. is trained to run cable and internet lines to keep your facilities up to date and residents in touch with their families via webcams and reliable provider structures. Residents are more inclined to socialize and spend time in bright spaces with accent details. Commercial renovations have been made to atriums, kitchens, and multipurpose rooms to make them more aesthetically pleasing with an open air feel.

Individual units are becoming more custom to future owners. More senior communities in New Jersey are inviting prospective tenants to “build their room” by selecting fixtures, accent pieces, and furnishings. Donand Construction Corp. is skilled in kitchen cabinet and countertop replacement, offering a selection of styles to choose from. If you have a vision, we can make it a reality.

Donand Construction Corp. is your perfect project partner. We pride ourselves on honesty, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. From start to finish, architectural drawings to official unveilings, we are there every step of the way to guarantee an outstanding finished project.